2019 Accomplishments: Here's What You Helped Us Do

Investing in Dystonia Research 

  • DMRF Canada launched our “Better Treatments in Dystonia” grant to encourage researchers in Canada to investigate new ways to improve lives for dystonia patients today. This year, we awarded two of these grants to Dr. Kiss at the University of Calgary and Dr. Fasano at Toronto Western Hospital for a total of $100 000.
  • In partnership with The Banting Foundation, we once supported the Discovery Award for Early Investigators and provided a grant to Dr. Nicholas Strzalkowski at Mount Royal University to support his research in muscle sensory feedback in dystonia; 
  • We supported the DMRF in the United States to fund the best worldwide research. Since 1976 this collaboration has funded over 400 grants awarding $35 million in research funding.
  • We continue to invest in bringing new practitioners into the field and expanded our Clinical Fellowship program to include a research component. This year we awarded this two-year Clinical and Research Fellowship, valued at $100,000 to Dr. Mario Sousa at Toronto Western Hospital.

Providing Support and Care to Patients

In addition to our advancements in research, we continue to provide ongoing, dedicated support and care with an aim to empower patients. 

  • This past fall, we hosted a full-day free Dystonia Symposium in Vancouver, as well as Information Sessions in Winnipeg and Kelowna bringing a combined total of 400 patients, healthcare providers, and volunteers together, and we supported over 70 local support group community events taking place in communities all over the country.
  • We answered hundreds of patient queries by phone, mail, email and via social media.
  • We awarded two deserving students with dystonia the Jackson Mooney Patient Grant to help them in pursuing their career goals for the third year in a row.

Building Awareness and Educating the Community

  • We published two newsletters, six e-newsletters, and supported patients, doctors and community groups, by distributing over 10,000 dystonia awareness and educational materials across the country.
  • 15 major landmarks were lit up blue and white during Dystonia Awareness month in September
  • We recruited patients and produced the first-ever professional dystonia awareness video that has been viewed, passed, and/or shared over 8,000 times since its launch just a few months ago! See the video here  

We have done all of this with just one full-time staff, and by working tirelessly and passionately with the DMRF Canada Board of Directors, our partners and volunteers, and in partnership with our donors, and the research community toward a shared goal: to continue to push towards better care, more options for treatment and ultimately a cure for dystonia. 


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